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Tree Removal Services In Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Carlsbad, & North County, CA

Trust our team of arborists to properly and safely remove dead, dying, or diseased trees from your residential or commercial property.

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Tree removal service in Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, and the surrounding areas.

Reasons to remove trees include tree death, disease, or tree relocation—and our trained arborists know the best ways to remove them.

Whether it’s due to disease, death, or simply to make more room on your property, our experienced arborists provide tree removal for both large and small trees. Hiring professionals to handle a tree removal job ensures that safety and efficiency are a top priority.

We remove large and small trees in Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and the nearby areas.

Removing a tree at a residential property. Our employee is pulling the large tree in the direction we want it to fall.

Reasons for Tree Removal From Homes & Businesses Include Disease, Death, & Limited Space

There are several common reasons why homeowners and business owners seek tree removal services. The three primary causes are disease, death, and the desire for more space.

Plant disease can completely devastate trees, leading to wilted leaves, unsightly patches on their bark, and rotten branches that can fall and cause damage. Complete removal is often the best option to prevent the need for costly repairs or personal injury liability. Fallen branches can also cause landscaping problems because they attract pests and lead to mold and other harmful growths.

Tree death can lead to even bigger problems for property owners. The potential for the entire tree to come crashing down increases the longer a dead tree is left standing. Dead and hollow branches often attract insects and vermin that can impact other nearby plants. Our crew of professionals can manage the job safely to rid you of the concern for damage to your property.

Limited space is yet another leading reason for tree removal. Trees spread out their branches for maximum exposure to light, air, and water without regard for nearby structures or other landscaping elements.

Often times, a business will need to expand parking or has opted to redesign their landscaping, leading to the need for tree removal. Our team can manage the job regardless of the reason.

Common Tree Diseases in Our Area Include Fusarium Wilt, Passalora Needle Blight, Fusiform Rust, & More

In our region, plants and trees are susceptible to a wide variety of diseases that can lead to unsightly symptoms and even death. Our licensed arborists have over 20 years of experience in identifying and treating plant diseases. It takes a professional eye to spot the symptoms early enough to provide effective treatments, but in some cases, it may be too late. When a tree fully succumbs to the disease, removal is often the only choice that remains.

A few common tree diseases in our area include:

  • Fusarium Wilt is a common fungal disease in our part of California. The disease enters the plant through the roots, blocking water flow. Signs of the disease are often found in the older leaves first before spreading and leading to the tree’s death.
  • Passalora Needle Blight is a disease often found in coniferous trees, which leads to over-needling and a slowly spreading blight that can also lead to death.
  • Fusiform Rust is most commonly found in pine trees and presents itself with rust-colored galls or cankers on the primary trunk.

If you think a tree on your property is suffering from tree disease, please contact us to schedule an on-site inspection.

Hiring Professionals for Tree Removal Service Ensures Safety & Proper Removal

Our team removing a large tree and all disposing of all the debris from the tree.

There is a long list of reasons to hire professionals for tree removal, but the top line item is safety. It takes experience and a strict set of guidelines to properly remove a tree without causing damage to nearby structures, cars, people, or other plants.

The owner of our company has been a certified arborist since 1995 with hundreds of successful jobs under his belt. All crew members who perform tree removal are specifically trained and experienced in the field.

On top of ensuring safety, it can actually save you money to bring in a professional crew for tree removal. The equipment used is extremely expensive to rent and can be dangerous when not operated correctly. We bring our own gear and know-how to manage the job without leaving a mess of tangled branches and debris behind. Our team will also haul away the branches and debris after the job is complete.

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