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Healthy palm trees that we care for through regular maintenance in front of a home located in Encinitas.

Tree Health Services In Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Carlsbad, & North County, CA

Give your trees everything they need to thrive, including deep-root fertilization, proper irrigation, preventative insect control, and more, with our company's tree health services provided by certified arborists!

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We offer complete tree health service in Rancho Santa Fe, and the surrounding areas like Encinitas and Carlsbad.

Our company's certified arborists help your trees achieve their best health and longevity with our tree health services that include fertilizer, pruning, insect control, and more.

With our company's tree health services provided by our certified arborists, your trees will be better equipped to fight plant disease and will have a better appearance. Our certified arborists and tree surgeons work to ensure the health of your trees with proper pruning, fertilization, irrigation, insect control, and more.

Our company's service helps trees reach optimum health and longevity in Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and the nearby areas in North County, CA.

A healthy palm tree that our team fertilizes and trims on a regular basis in Encinitas to maintain the tree's optimal health.

Pruning, Irrigation, & Tree Placement Are Three Key Focal Points of Tree Health

Our company's three primary focal points for tree health are pruning, irrigation, and placement.

Pruning is the process whereby specific branches are removed to promote overall health. Certain branches can become dominant, stretching out beyond the length of others for more light. These rogue branches can cause an eyesore on your property, and lead to problems with the health of the tree. Our company's arborists can properly shape and service your trees to be sure nutrients are properly absorbed and that air can flow through to the tree’s core.

Irrigation guarantees the correct amount of water reaches your trees. To promote strength and overall health, it’s important that trees receive enough moisture. Our certified contractors can install custom-designed irrigation systems that deliver water at the right time of day in controlled amounts.

Tree placement requires a keen eye. Our certified arborists understand the space required for mature trees to thrive. When planting a new tree, many considerations must be made for light, shade, available height, and root space. Our tree surgeons and contractors work with home and business owners to make the right choices with the right trees for ideal future growth.

We Offer Regular & Deep Root Fertilization Service

Our company's comprehensive fertilization service takes into account the needs of each type of tree on your property. We provide deep root fertilization and standard fertilizer treatments for regular trees, palms, and fruit trees.

  • Regular fertilization service is provided for wood trees 1 to 2 times annually in April and September. Palms are treated 3 times annually, every 2 months beginning in April. Younger trees will receive granular fertilizer around the drip line. Fruit trees are treated 4 to 5 times annually.
  • Deep root fertilization service involves the delivery of fertilizer through pressurized injection probes that reach deep into the root system. During this service, our team will inject fertilizer into four points around the tree to saturate the entire root ball.

Palm trees and decorative shrubs in front of a home in Rancho Santa Fe.

Our Tree Disease & Insect Prevention Services Include On-site Inspections & Preventative Care

Our trained staff of tree surgeons and arborists provides on-site inspections of trees to identify potential plant disease infestations. Our expert contractors can spot the signs of tree disease and begin a treatment plan immediately in an attempt to save the tree and prevent the disease from spreading.

When treatment is required, our team of certified arborists often injects effective products directly into the tree. Our treatments also kill insects before they are able to do lasting damage.

In our area, eucalyptus trees are fairly common. One pest that frequently impacts them is tortoiseshell beetles, who take up residence inside the tree. Once our team of arborists is aware of the problem, we have an effective treatment that will eradicate the beetles to restore the tree to full health. Eucalyptus trees also suffer from other diseases including powdery mildew, which we are equipped to treat as well.

Another problem in our region involves date palms and fusarium wilt. The disease can easily kill a date palm within six months, and unfortunately, there is currently no cure. Our tree specialists provide a specific fertilizer type that can be effective in preventing fusarium wilt. Our arborists go to great lengths to prevent the disease from spreading, including sterilizing equipment and using individual saws for each tree to avoid cross-contamination.

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