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Fire Abatement Assistance in San Diego County

We're working in collaboration with the Helping Hands organization to help inform and provide fire abatement services for customers in San Diego County, California.

A burning tree stump destroyed in a wildfire in San Diego County, California.

What is the San Diego County Defensible Space Grants Program?

The Defensible Space Grants Program is a grants program funded by the San Diego Gas & Electric Company to promote compliance with state cod PRC 4291, local fire codes, San Diego County's Consolidated Fire Code, and to facilitate firefighting efforts to reduce structural damages from increasing wildfire threats. This program provides grant assistance with creating defensible space around homes to achieve these goals.

The teams at Southwest Outdoor Services and Helping Hands offer assistance to San Diego County residents in learning about the grants program and how it works for property owners in the county.

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Already Approved for the Grant? We Provide Defensible Space Services.

If you have already qualified and been approved for the Defensible Space Grants Program, contact our fire abatement experts at Southwest Outdoor Services to begin the process of creating your property's defensible space and protect your home from damaging wildfires in San Diego County.

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What Exactly is A Defensible Space?

Fire abatement defensible space infographic

A defensible space is an area defined by State and Local Fire Codes as 100 feet of defensible space around structures and 20 feet along both sides of driveways and roadways. The Defensible Space Grant can only be used for fuel modification activities within the 100 foot zone that is owned or under the control of you, the property owner. The goal of this defined defensible space is to protect your home and property while also providing a safe area for firefighters to fight wildfires that may be approaching your property.

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Leave it to the Experts with Firefighting Experience Since 1987

Southwest Outdoor Services's owner, Steve Elesky, has been a firefighter most of his life, including working for the United States Forest Service. When you want to protect your home from the increasingly destructive and dangerous California wildfire season, you want professionals with the experience and knowledge to be up to the task. Steve and Southwest Outdoor Services have the expertise in both firefighting and landscaping and maintenance to protect your irreplaceable home by creating a code-compliant, effective defensible space around your property.

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