When our client in San Marcos, CA called wanting a landscape redesign, we went to them to find out exactly what they wanted. Our area of northern San Diego doesn't always get a lot of rain, meaning we often have watering restrictions. Because of this, the client wanted to install a landscape that was not only eco-friendly and sustainable but also drought-tolerant.

Our landscape designers took that into consideration and created a beautiful xeriscaping and dry creek bed design for their home. Learn more about our landscaping company's recent project and check out photos below.

What Is Xeriscaping & How It Benefits the Environment

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, those in hot, dry climates can sometimes use more water outside their homes in just one summer than they do inside the house for an entire year when they try to maintain a traditional landscape. Some ways that water-smart landscaping, or xeriscaping, can benefit the environment include:

  • Water conservation
  • Lower water bills
  • Reduced runoff of irrigation water
  • Reduced landscape maintenance costs

Xeriscaping project being completed at a home in San Marcos, CA.

Xeriscaping, sometimes mistakenly referred to as "zero-scaping", is an environmentally-friendly way to beautify your property and increase your curb appeal. This landscaping practice uses native plants that don't require as much watering. Xeriscaping includes certain elements, such as:

  • Proper soil preparation
  • Removing grass and replacing it with rock ground cover
  • Use of native, drought-tolerant plants
  • Installing a drip irrigation system
  • Installing those plants in the proper areas of a yard

Removing Existing Grass to Prepare for Xeriscaping Installation

The first step in this project was to remove and get rid of the existing grass. It requires a lot of resources to upkeep and maintain a healthy, green lawn here in Southern California. While our area of California recently emerged from a long drought, it's still imperative to protect our water and ensure responsible usage. Some government entities may even provide rebates to homeowners who install eco-friendly landscaping. Removing the grass ensures that no unwanted plant growth will occur once the xeriscaping is in place. After we removed the grass, we laid down some landscape fabric as an additional weed barrier, carefully placing it around the plants we installed.

Using Succulents & Other Drought-Tolerant Plants Adds a Splash of Color

After completion view of xeriscaping project at a home in San Marcos, CA.

The homeowner made it clear that they did not want to install plants that would require much watering, as one of their main goals was to protect the surrounding environment as much as possible. Taking that into consideration, we added plants that are gorgeous but do not need a lot of water to survive. In our landscape design plans, we put in different types of succulents, some lavender, agave, juniper, and cacti to add a splash of color to the yard.

Dry Creek Bed Aids in Drainage While Providing Depth to the Landscape Design

Along with the rock ground cover and drought-tolerant plants, we also decided to add a dry creek bed to their landscape design to provide some depth to the yard. When it does rain, the dry creek bed will help with draining water off of their lawn. It also provides aesthetic appeal, as it gives the appearance of a creek running through their yard. A yard with proper drainage helps keep soil from eroding away. We also lined the dry creek bed with larger rocks to protect the surrounding areas.

Here are some photos from this recent xeriscaping project installation!

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