We can hope that fire does not come our way, but being prepared is the best defense for your home and landscape. Fire disasters wreak havoc on properties where there are dead branches, debris, and closely planted trees and shrubs. Fire often uses these things to scale a large property in a short amount of time.

We understand that this can feel a little bit stressful and scary, which is why we are here to offer tips on how to prevent fire from spreading quickly throughout your property. Avoid disaster by adhering to the advice below, which includes regular trimming of your trees and shrubs as well as removing any dry debris from your landscape.

Tips to prevent fire from spreading throughout your property include replacing your mulch for rocks, cleaning up dry debris, and more.

Fires can quickly transition from contained to uncontrolled. The main culprit behind their spread is how rapidly fires can sweep along a property. You can protect your home against fires by starting with what you are able to control. Safeguard your property against fire spread by following these tips:

  1. Regularly remove dry debris from your landscape. Dry pieces of debris such as branches and leaves can flare up very easily with a small wandering spark. Keep your yard free from these things as much as possible.
  2. Switch out your mulch ground coverings for rock. Mulch is a great ground covering. However, it is flammable. It's best to replace your mulch ground coverings for rock during fire season to enhance the safety of your property.
  3. Regularly trim your tree branches. During fire season, it is essential that you monitor your tree branches. Any branches that are intermingled with the branches of another tree should be trimmed back. Branches that connect to other trees will allow a fire to spread from tree to tree. You want your trees to have as much of their own space as possible.
  4. Remove all hanging branches. Branches that are hanging over your home are a recipe for disaster when it comes to spreading fire. All branches below 6 feet high should be removed. Contact a professional company like ours to safely remove any low-hanging branches.
  5. Don't plant shrubs too close to your trees. When planting new shrubs, you should always take into consideration their size when they are fully grown. The general rule when planting shrubs is that you should take their full-grown width and multiply that by 3. This number is how many feet you should plant the shrub away from any trees. For example, a shrub that is 5 feet wide should be distanced 15 feet away from any tree.
  6. When planting new trees, make sure that they are spread out. The space between trees can range from 10-30 feet, depending on if your property is on a slope. Fires like to climb, so keeping trees further apart on a sloped property is always the safest way to stop the spread.

Always stay up to date with local ordinances, as these guidelines are mostly state minimum requirements.

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In their current state, is it possible that the trees on your property could aid in spreading fire? Don't wait until it's too late to find out. At Southwest Outdoor Services, we've specialized in tree services for 21 years. Our team of licensed and insured tree surgeons can help you prepare your trees and shrubs for fire season so that your property is better protected.

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