Whether you want to feel safe when entering your property at night or you frequently entertain visitors during evening hours, outdoor lighting can do wonders for your outdoor space. While much of the outdoor lighting we encounter on a day-to-day basis is solely meant for illumination, this need not be the case for your outdoor space.

To be truly inspiring, your outdoor lighting must go beyond functional and make your outdoor space warm, cozy, and inviting. Property owners here in Rancho Santa Fe, CA can achieve this effect by incorporating underwater lighting, rope lighting, and grazing light fixtures into their outdoor landscaping. Continue reading to learn more about these 3 jaw-dropping outdoor lighting techniques.

1. Accent Your Water Features with Underwater Lighting

Outdoor pool with lighting features in Carlsbad, CA.

If you're looking for dramatic ways to incorporate outdoor lighting into your outdoor space, dimly lit water features are a great place to start. Outdoor swimming pools, ponds, or rock fountains look great during daylight hours. However, when your water features lack adequate lighting, they're difficult to see at night, which presents a safety hazard and does little for curb appeal. That's where underwater lighting comes in.

Underwater lighting adds both safety and ambiance to your outdoor pool and other water features. You could do this with underwater lighting by having your landscaping design pro install underwater spotlights to illuminate the feature you wish to accent. Doing so will make your water feature an inviting focal point for your outdoor space.

Underwater lighting is perfect if you like to go swimming in your pool after sunset.

2. Rope Lighting for Your Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed with rope lighting installed in Solano Beach, CA.

Dry creek or stream beds are used to prevent water from pooling on your lawn. However, they can also add an element of flair to your property. But if it relies on patio or security lighting for illumination, your dry creek bed has unrealized potential. Rope lighting offers the perfect source of lighting for dry stream beds.

An experienced landscaping design professional can help you use rope lighting to create the look of shimmering water in your dry creek bed. One way to achieve this effect is to place the lighting on both sides of the dry creek bed. You could also use rope lighting to accentuate any plants or trees that surround your dry creek bed.

3. Add Outdoor Grazing Lights to Your Property

Walkway path with graze lighting installed in Del Mar, CA.

Grazing lighting is a low-voltage light fixture that emits directional light along a wide path. While frequently used to help conserve energy, grazing light fixtures can significantly enhance your outdoor aesthetic. Museums sometimes highlight mounted paintings by installing wall-grazing lights atop the wall, at floor level, or on the ceiling. You can achieve a similar effect by installing grazing lights outdoors.

Your landscaping design pro can use outdoor wall grazing to highlight unique textures within your property's facade. For example, if a portion of your patio contains a stucco finish, you could install outdoor grazing to accent this texture at night. Alternatively, installing grazing light fixtures near the base of your trees could be a dramatic way to illuminate the path leading to your entrance.

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