Walking out to find dead branches have fallen in your lawn, or even worse, on your car or home, is something no property owner wants to see. If it’s a large branch, it can cause damage and be difficult to remove. When a tree starts to die, it loses branches and causes other issues.

Having a dead or dying tree on your property can be inconvenient for a number of reasons. Here are some reasons you should consider having a tree removed from your residential or commercial property in Rancho Santa Fe, Encinitas, Carlsbad, and nearby areas of California.

Dead or Dying Trees Look Unsightly, Can Pose Safety Hazards

This dead tree fell on a house in Encinitas, CA.

No one wants to have an eyesore on their property, especially when they’ve invested lots of money into making sure it looks great. When a tree begins to die, it turns brown and looks unsightly, especially compared to the rest of your lawn and landscaping. Taking this dying tree out helps to ensure that your landscaping continues to look great and well-maintained.

These trees can also pose safety hazards to your home or business. If there is the potential for branches to fall, they could fall and hit someone when they are out on your property. They could also crash into homes or cars when they fall. If the entire tree were to fall, it could cause quite a bit of damage to building structures.

It’s best to remove dead or dying trees from your property before any of that happens. At Southwest Tree Care & Landscape Design, we have trained and certified arborists on staff who can assess your trees and plan out the best course of action to remove them.

Falling trees kill or injure more people than lightning strikes and shark attacks, according to Homes.com.

Disease Can Kill Part or All of a Tree, Spread to Others

When a tree becomes diseased, it can end up dying quickly. It can also spread that disease to other nearby trees. A diseased and dying tree can also become a haven for pests that will rapidly invade your lawn.

Common signs of diseased trees include:

  • Wilted leaves
  • Patches on bark
  • Holes in bark
  • Rotten branches
  • Yellow spots on leaves
  • Dying branches
  • And more

In our area of California, we have a disease called fusarium wilt that quickly attacks date palms and spreads to others. When a tree begins to show signs of disease, then it’s time to remove it from the property in order to stop it from spreading to the other trees. Please note that untrained people should not attempt to remove a tree. It can lead to injury.

Do you suspect you have a dead tree on your property?

At Southwest Tree Care & Landscape Design, we have many years of experience when it comes to tree removal and tree health. Give us a call at (858) 503-0979. We can come out for a consultation to let you know if the tree needs to be removed or simply pruned to remove areas of the tree. Our trained professionals can also come up with a treatment plan to help ensure that the rest of your trees stay healthy and strong enough to fight off diseases.