In the northern San Diego, CA area, focus on environmentally-friendly landscaping has grown a lot in the past few years. Living in an area that's prone to drought conditions means we should all start to be a bit more environmentally-conscious about our landscaping choices. One of our residential clients in Escondido, CA, contacted us with all that in mind and asked us to help design and install new landscaping for their front yard.

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First Steps Involved Breaking up Concrete, Leveling, & Grading Existing Area

Breaking up a concrete patio in Escondido, California.

To begin, we started with breaking up the existing concrete, removing the lawn and landscaping that was there and then leveled and graded the entire area. In order to ensure the leveling and new landscaping stayed in place, we built a retaining wall in the front of their property using stacked concrete blocks so that the soil would not erode away. 

New Landscape Beds Include Mulch, Native Plants, Raised Planters, & Outdoor Lighting

We planned out some landscaping that would be low-maintenance and require less watering so that the homeowner wouldn't have to use as much water in their landscape beds. Using some native plants and palm varieties, we added in some plants that would provide a bit of color and accented them with some boulders. 

To finish off the landscape beds and block weed growth, we used dark brown hardwood mulch. Installing an outdoor lighting system ensures these homeowners will be able to enjoy their new landscaping even once the sun goes down. 

Custom Water Feature & Dry Creek Bed Creates an Outdoor Oasis

Custom water feature installation at an Escondido, California home property.

Over toward the front door, we designed a large landscaping area that includes planting, a dry creek bed, and a custom water feature. Their stone water feature has three waterfalls that spill over into a small pond, helping to create a beautiful outdoor oasis. The rocks around the pond then continue into the dry creek bed. Boulders placed around the pond add anchor points for this focal area. 

Concrete Patio & Sidewalk Add Usable Entertainment Space

Their new concrete patio and sidewalk will add usable space for entertaining. We opted for a circular patio, which gives them room to put some nice patio furniture where they can sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous Southern California weather. A custom patio can also boost property value.

Artificial Turf Provides a Low-Maintenance, Always-Green Lawn

Artificial turf installation in Escondido, California home property.

The property owners wanted to keep their lawn green without adding to their water bill, so the most logical choice was to install artificial turf. This fake grass stays green no matter what and is extremely low maintenance. It doesn't need watering, fertilization, mowing, or weed control. All it needs is an occasional brushing to keep it clean. An additional perk of fake turf is that some parts of the greater San Diego area offer rebates to homeowners who choose to install grass replacement options. 

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