Imagine sitting outside in your new outdoor kitchen, spending time outside with family, friends, and loved ones while entertaining them or cooking a meal. If you elect to install some of the most popular features of outdoor kitchens in North County, that dream can be a reality.

Learn more information about popular features you can choose to add to your custom-built outdoor kitchen in areas such as Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Encinitas, and nearby cities in southern California.

The No. 1 most popular feature? Cooking surfaces.

Outdoor kitchen with grill cooking surface in Encinitas, CA.

For any outdoor kitchen, you must include some kind of cooking surface, since they are the most popular feature and generally the main reason people opt to create kitchens outside. There are several types of cooking surfaces to choose from, such as:

  • Grills: Choose a gas grill or a charcoal grill to add to the kitchen area so you can cook beef, chicken, pork, veggies, and more.
  • Pizza Ovens: A pizza oven will allow you to create wood-fired pizzas for your guests.
  • Smokers: Let everyone enjoy the smells as you slow-cook some brisket or other food in your smoker.
  • Ovens: For more traditional baking, include an oven where you can make cakes, cookies, and other items.
  • Stoves: A flat-top stove will provide an area to cook stir-fry, saute beef, and more.

Consider adding in a sink as well so you can clean everything outside without bringing the mess into the house.

The second must-have feature? The ability to provide cool, refreshing drinks outside.

Outdoor kitchen with custom refrigerators in Encinitas, CA.

It is customary to provide some nice, cool, and refreshing drinks when guests come to visit. If you install a raised bar feature, then they can sit and sip their drinks while relaxing and chat with you while you are preparing the meal.

Make the space even more convenient for you by adding a wine cooler, integrated beer taps, and a refrigerator to store other drinks so you do not have to run back inside every time someone needs a refill, giving you the ability to provide drinks right there.

Third, you have to include space for entertaining your guests.

Luxury outdoor kitchen living space in Carlsbad, CA.

If you want to entertain guests, friends, and family outside, then you need to provide a comfortable, cozy space for them. You can do this by including space for entertainment. Consider adding a large patio so you have the room to put out ample seating with a patio table and chairs.

Another great feature is a stone seating wall that could border the patio and add additional seating area. An elevated countertop allows them to stand near you and place their drinks somewhere while they talk with you.

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