New sod installation is often required due to a variety of reasons like poor watering practices or a lack of general maintenance. When our client came to us requesting a new sod installation, we were ready to take on the task. We also discussed performing some of our other landscaping services on this residential property including irrigation system installation and tree removal.

After talking with our client and gaining an understanding of what they wanted for their property, we planned a comprehensive landscaping project that they were satisfied with.

Here at Southwest Tree Care & Landscape Design, we have years of experience working with clients to create their ideal landscapes. We serve both residents and businesses in Carlsbad, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, and the surrounding communities.

Below, you can check out exactly what we did to transform this residential landscape in Rancho Santa Fe.

We performed tree removal to create more space in the client's landscape.

Our team removing trees to make room for new landscaping and sod installation.

Our team removed a few trees from the front of the client's property. These trees were taking away from the limited space available, so our arborists safely removed them to create more room.

Including the need for additional space, our clients often request our tree removal services for reasons like:

  • Plant disease
  • Tree death
  • Structural risks to property

To ensure this client was left with a debris-free final landscape, we performed a thorough cleanup process. Our team removed all branches, twigs, and other natural debris from the client's property.

Our team installed a new sprinkler system and sod.

In order to install new sod, we first had to remove the existing grass. With the old grass gone, we prepared the soil to promote an even distribution of water and nutrients for the new sod.

Once the soil was prepared, we installed a new sprinkler system. When possible, our team always tries to install irrigation and sprinkler systems before new sod is rolled out. This way, the new grass won't be disturbed.

With the soil prepared and the sprinkler system set up, our team installed new sod. Our team took the individual sod pieces and rolled them across the dirt beds. We completed this process with care to ensure the sod pieces last for the long term.

We installed a new landscape bed complete with mulch and plants.

New mulch and plant installation after tree and brush clearing.

On the side of the house. we installed a new landscape bed filled with red mulch. We strategically placed a variety of small plants within the mulch bed to allow them adequate space to grow.

To add an accent piece closer to the road, we arranged some large decorative rocks in a circular formation. We filled this focal point with fine tan-colored mulch and completed the look with some small tropical plants.

Check more photos of this project here!

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