Adding an outdoor living space to your home in Rancho Santa Fe provides many benefits. Increased property value, extended livable space, and relaxing focal point are just some of the many benefits a custom outdoor living space adds to your home.

Here is how your home benefits from an outdoor living space in Rancho Santa Fe and the surrounding areas.

An Outdoor Living Space Increases Property Value

If you’re thinking about selling your home, adding a custom outdoor living space is a great way to increase your home’s value before putting it up on the market. Many potential homebuyers favor homes with beautiful landscaping and enjoyable outdoor living space in the backyard as this helps them envision spending more time outdoors with family and friends. Custom outdoor living spaces also offer a great return on investment. Depending on the quality of materials used and if the additions are a central feature of your home, you could expect to recoup about 30–60 percent of the costs associated with the project.

Outdoor living spaces are great additions for homeowners who want to spend more quality time outdoors and increase their property value.

Adding An Outdoor Living Space Increases Your Home’s Livable Space

This patio in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, adds extra space for this homeowner.

Adding a custom outdoor living space to your home such as a patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, or fireplace, essentially adds another room to your home, only outdoors. This extension not only increases your home’s property value but also increases the livable square footage of your home. With most of our lives spent indoors, this increase in outdoor living space provides the perfect space to enjoy more quality time outdoors. A custom outdoor kitchen allows you to spend more time outdoors while cooking and provides a great focal point for entertaining guests. When the nights are dark and cold, a custom fire pit or fireplace provides enough light and warmth for you and your guests to enjoy greater amounts of time outdoors.

Outdoor Living Spaces Create Unique Focal Points

Depending on the outdoor living space you add to your home’s yard, this area can create a relaxing getaway from everyday stress, or create the perfect spot to entertain guests. An outdoor living area that is custom designed for your home creates a unique focal point in your yard that ties all landscaping elements together into a cohesive design. Whether you’re entertaining guests in your spacious outdoor kitchen or cozying up by a charming fire pit, outdoor living spaces attract people and make for some excellent quality time. Custom spaces are designed with your home’s current aesthetic in mind and can be fully customized to perfectly complement your home’s style.

Ready to add an outdoor living space to your home?

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