One of the main questions customers ask about artificial turf is how much it will cost them. While there is an upfront cost, the savings in both the time and money one sees throughout the turf's lifetime will offset that initial cost.

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The Cost of Installing Artificial Grass

Artificial turf installation and landscaping in Rancho Santa Fe, CA.

While the upfront cost of artificial grass installation may be high, do not think of it as a cost—instead, consider it an investment. By installing this turf, you will be saving on one of your most valuable resources, which is your spare time. Expect your quality turf to cost anywhere from $10-$15 per square foot, unless you are installing a putting green, as that will be a bit more at $14-$18 per square foot.

Prices on fake turf will also vary depending on what type you choose, as various turfs offer different options. For example, playground and athletic turfs are often rated higher for safety reasons and may have more of a monetary cost.

Consider Cost Savings vs Real Turf

After you have made that first investment by choosing to have a professional company install your new artificial turf, you can sit back and see how that choice will end up saving your time and your money. Fake grass has incredible benefits to both homes and businesses alike, such as:

  • Fake turf does not need to be watered. In our area especially, where it's typically very dry and water is a valued resource, this is a huge benefit.
  • Artificial turf does not require the maintenance that real grass does. Keeping real grass mowed properly takes up a lot of your time. if that grass grows too tall, then it won't stay healthy. Mowing the lawn requires dedication and a routine schedule, which usually means you're using your Saturday morning to cut the grass instead of spending time with loved ones.
  • Artificial grass stays green no matter what. In every condition, whether it's cloudy or sunny, artificial grass will always stay green and have a beautiful color, increasing your curb appeal.
  • Synthetic turf stays cool in the sunlight. At Southwest Outdoor Services, we only use quality synthetic turf. Some cheaper turfs do heat up in the sun, but ours stays cool so bare feet won't be burned walking on this grass.
  • Fake grass has superior drainage qualities. When it does rain in Southern California, there can be problems with water pooling in yards and muddy footprints being tracked throughout your home or business. With synthetic turf, you won't have to worry about that. Water drains through it very quickly, avoiding the typical mess caused by rainstorms.
  • Certain turfs are rated for safety to protect against fall injuries. For playgrounds and athletic fields, it's recommended to install turfs that come with safety ratings. They have extra padding that can better protect kids and athletes from fall-related injuries.

Over the lifetime of the turf you choose, you can expect to see your savings total up throughout the years.

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A home property in Rancho Santa Fe, CA with artificial turf installed.

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