In southern California, we get a lot of beautiful days which means we need to be able to enjoy our home's outdoor space. Our team loves getting to provide homeowners with new landscape elements or hardscape construction so they can enjoy the outdoors. This homeowner in Encinitas, CA, recently reached out to us with a grand plan they had for their yard.

Learn about the steps we took to implement their plan and make their landscape dreams become a reality.

Custom landscaping included large trees, shrubs, and other plants.

New landscape trees being installed in Encinitas, CA.

In their large yard, we designed and then installed brand new custom landscaping throughout the area. One of the biggest parts of this step was bringing in large palms that needed to be placed in the ground using a crane. Our expert tree surgeons were on hand to make sure each one was installed properly. Once the trees were planted properly, we added in some drought-tolerant succulents, shrubs, ornamental grasses, and flowering plants. The landscaping was finished with the installation of dark brown hardwood mulch.

The new pool and spa has a modern and abstract look and feel.

Modern, abstract pool design at a home in Encinitas, CA.

For their new pool and spa, the homeowner wanted a look and feel that was more modern and abstract. We created that for them and included the spa in one corner of the pool so it is easy for them to transition from the pool to the spa and vice versa. Alongside the pool area, our team did some custom concrete work to include some beautiful focal points of decorative concrete where they can set out chairs or lay out by the pool to savor time in the sun.

Their artificial lawn will not require maintenance and will always be green.

Artificial turf installation at a home in Encinitas, CA.

In the northern San Diego area, it is often encouraged to install artificial turf as it does not require watering, thus saving water for the area. They wanted to add in a lawn, but wanted one that did not require a lot of maintenance. For artificial turf, you simply have to sweep it off occasionally and spray it down sometimes to keep it clean.

Artificial grass provides an extremely low-maintenance lawn that is always green and stays cool to the touch even in direct sunlight.

We also built custom walkways and retaining walls that were both functional and decorative.

Custom walkway around palm trees in Encinitas, CA.

Using our expert stonework knowledge, we built custom walkways leading from the driveway through to the pool area. These walkways will make it much easier to navigate the yard and guests will be able to walk along and enjoy the landscaping.

We also created functional and decorative retaining walls. Some were used to make raised planting beds, while others were used to hold soil in place.

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