Property owners in California no longer have to stress about how to revamp their landscape- we've got your back. Firescaping, earth-friendly options, functional front yards, and pergolas are all landscaping trends that are taking California by storm in 2021. Don't settle for the same old stuff! "Wow" your neighbors by combining aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Continue reading to learn more about these 4 landscaping trends and how they will bring your property to the next level.

1. Firescaping

Xeriscaping installed at a home in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Firescaping has been a big landscape trend in 2021. We all know that much of the West Coast is prone to wildfires. In California, 4 million acres of land were affected by these wildfires in 2020 alone. That's why fire-resistant landscapes are a smart choice for property owners in California.

To start, all elements that can easily catch fire including woodchips, dead grass, and trees must be removed from a certain zone around your house. By keeping this zone clear of any vegetation or debris that could catch fire, it will limit the possibility of a wildfire impacting your home.

Many property owners use xeriscaping as a form of firescaping. Xeriscaping is a landscaping technique that not only reduces the risk of spreading fire but it is also great in communities that experience drought, as it focuses on plants like cacti and native plants that don't need a lot of water to survive.

2. Earth-friendly

Over the years, people have shifted to a more sustainable way of living. This includes practicing environmentally-friendly landscaping. Again, xeriscaping can help do just that. By installing native plants that thrive in your environment, you limit the need for extra water, fertilizer, and weed control. This keeps your water and chemical usage down to a minimum.

Some of the native plants that can be used in California include succulents, rosemary, and Italian cypress.

3. Functional Front Yards

Gone are the days when landscapes were just mere eye candy. For 2021, it's all about getting the most out of your space while still increasing your curb appeal. Here are just a few avenues you can take to build a functional front yard:

  • Plant vegetables and herbs. Make use of containers and the like for a creative food garden.
  • Hedges can be planted to give you some privacy while also being strategically placed for aesthetics.
  • Stone pathways can be installed to mimic a quaint, English garden.

4. Pergolas

Pergola designed and built on a back patio in Encinitas, CA.

Last but not least are pergolas, which are not only beautiful but also functional. There are many benefits of adding them to your property, including:

  • Protection from shade - There are times when you just want to enjoy the outdoors but the hot sun can be a deterrent. Pergolas can provide much-needed shade from the sun while you enjoy the fresh air.
  • Can be used for entertaining - Property owners do not need to build elaborate structures to turn a landscape into a place for entertaining. Even without a deck or patio, pergolas provide a designated space where you can add some benches or even a small dining table.
  • For added curb appeal - Pergolas are just so pleasing to look at. There are so many designs that can be created and materials that can be used, including wood, aluminum, steel, concrete, or even fiberglass.

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