Southwest Tree Service...

offers specialized tree care by placing state of the art equipment into the hands of certified tree specialists known as "arborists", and thus raising up a higher standard of excellence that is virtually unbeatable throughout the industry.

This professional staff will work to develop and maintain your landscape, strive to eliminate all possible hazards and liabilities, and press towards improving the overall look and value of your property.

We, as servants of a Higher Authority, hold it as both our duty and our joy to serve you with the utmost HONOR, INTEGRITY, and QUALITY. We look forward to building genuine relationships with all of our clients, and we are excited to learn how we can better benefit both your business and your life.

Who Are We?

We are a family owned and operated company, that proudly serves both our community and environment through our professional tree care, our stewardship of natural resources, and our genuine care for all who we come to serve.

-Stephen J. Elesky,President and Founder

Southwest Tree Service operates with a purpose driven philosophy of HONOR, INTEGRITY, AND QUALITY

Our mission, vision and values are embedded into our culture, people and actions.The basic tenets that make up the foundation on which our company is built are:


We see the individual value of each client, company, and organization, and we believe each individual person we serve has the right to be treated with the utmost respect and highest regard.

Team Work

Our team is dedicated to working in complete unity with one another as well as with our clients. Whether times are easy or rough, we strongly believe in supporting one another together through every season of life, and every type of job.


Ultimately we have come to serve our guests, members, and our clients through every means we know how to. We will place yourself before us, and do whatever we can to make your vision for your property become a reality.


We are true to our word and follow through on our commitments to all of our guests and clients. We hold ourselves accountable for all that we do, and work with a high sense of morality that is seemingly rare in today�s world.


We commit to a standard of doing the job right without compromise, giving our best in every detail of our work.

"Never Despise the Day of Small Beginnings"

Stephen Elesky, the founder and owner of Southwest Tree Service, has been a significant part of the California tree service industry for over 24 years as well as a certified tree arborists since 1995. He has worked in virtually every field of tree service in the state, making him one of the most experienced tree Arborists in Southern California.

He began his tree care service as a part of the United States Forestry department over 24 years ago, during which he served as a foreman and supervisor in one of the largest reforestation project in Californian history. From Fire fighting, timber falling, and control burning, to even mapping units for replanting, supervising contractors for the installation of new trees, and personally inspecting the health of mature trees, Stephen worked in every aspect of tree care.

In 2000 Stephen decided to form his own company in order to bring his personal views of integrity, honor, and quality, into the tree care service. Throughout this time he has become known throughout the industry and has been trusted with prestigious clients, such as The Bridges Golf Club, The Four Seasons at Aviara, Morgan Run Golf Course, and the city of Encinitas to name a few.

Stephen moved on to become the lead supervisor for many well known projects in San Diego such as: The San Diego Zoo, Sea World, the whole Port district, and many San Diego Homeowner Associations.